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5 Best Free to Play Battle Card Games on Android App Stores

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5 Best Free to Play Battle Card Games on Android App Stores

por Mary T. Williams » 30/10/2018 9:27

Looking to play some awesome online card battle games? Conjure monsters, summon spells, and use uncanny tactics to defeat the other players on the board.

The market for battle card games is very crowded on every single platform. In the free Android market for apk games, there are a lot of strong card game titles for dedicated fans to consider.

The battle card games often revolve around a specific set of like-minded concepts. Some look for complexity and a competitive system, while some opt for a casual match with good lore and story behind each awesome looking card.

That is why we are proud to present to you this list of the best battle card games on our free apk games website. They are all free to play with amazing graphics and various difficulty levels that can satisfy everyone, from amateurs to veterans of the genre.

Do not hesitate, check out the list of best battle card games available as free apk to download.

List of 5 most downloaded battle card games on the Android platform. Jus simply download them at Apk downloader.



Hearthstone has been the king of card games on the free apk app store for a very long time. And for good reason, too.

Hearthstone was first developed by the giant, Blizzard, on PC platforms and later ported to the Android game stores. Thanks to the well-designed features and the balance system, Hearthstone has gained a lot of players on multiple platforms during a short amount of time.

The game contains hundreds of different cards so that the player can decide on different deck strategies that suit their playstyle the best.

One of the main features in the game is that it also lets players build multiple decks that enhance the variety aspect of this fantastic card game.
Every Hearthstone match is the usual one on one battle between two real players or one AI controlled player. Each player will take turns to play the cards in their hands. Each card has a distinctive trait that can summon a hero, minion, or add new weapons, spells to your army.

The main alluring hook of Hearthstone is the lore behind each card, which stands for a vital character in the Warcraft universe. Every player will have one hero with 30 heaths to protect; if the health reaches zero, the player will lose the match.

With a massive database of cards, Hearthstone is easy to play but hard to master. It is worth the investment time for the fans of the battle card game on Android platform.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is another heavyweight title that rivals Hearthstone for the top spot in the free to play apk battle card game.
The primary system in Legends is similar to those fundamental elements in Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone.

There are six different colors that represent different themes such as red for Strength, green for Agility, blue for Intelligence, yellow is Willpower and purple for Endurance. The colorless card is neutral and is allowed to be put in any deck. Any veteran of Magic the Gathering will understand this system immediately.

The player has to build a deck of 50 cards that consist of no more than two colors. This ensures that there are plenty of strategies to mix the decks with different color combinations, thus enhancing the complex layers of the game.

The primary method to emerge as the victory of the match is to trade minion battle efficiently while gaining as much board playground as possible. It is because of Legends’ unique lane system that divides the playfield into different zones and you can only attack monsters and minions in the same zone.

The player will take turns to attack the other's main hero, which also has 30 health like Hearthstone system. Besides the original monster cards, there are support cards and buff cards that allow perfect synergy and powerful combos that the players can employ in their deck strategy.
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Pokémon TCG Online

All the old and new fan of the legendary Pokémon franchise can rejoice with this free to download Pokémon TCG Online apk game. The TCG stands for Trading Card Game, which lets the players trade and play card battles with their favorite Pokémon.

The main goal of this game is to collect all the available Pokémon cards. Then you can form different playing decks with your beloved Pokémon. There will be real players online to compete with and also trade cards with.

What makes Pokémon TCG Online outstanding in the free battle card games is that there are various ways to unlock new Pokémon cards.
Nonetheless, if you wish to practice your deck before joining the real battles, you can play against the AI. This has made this game one of the best battle card apk games to download and play offline, too.

Shadow Era

Shadow Era is quite similar to Magic the Gathering. But do not think Shadow Era is the clone of MTG. Instead, Shadow Era has plenty to proved that it is an entire battle card game on its own, especially regarding free apk market.

To win the match of Shadow Era, the player will have to use their deck to attack the other player’s primary health until it reaches zero, which is pretty classic mechanic in a battle card game.

One of the main features in Shadow Era is that you have to choose a hero card to play. Each hero card has different traits and abilities to consider. The most important thing is the hero card will decide the card type in the deck. For example, a knight hero will generate a deck with melee attacks but not spell attacks.

Each player will take turns after drawing six cards at the start. They can choose to either play the card or sacrifice the card into their resource pool to increase the pool’s mana, which allows them to play powerful cards later on.



Ascension is another battle card title that has brought a new system to the crowded market of card games on free Android stores.
Instead of the traditional one vs. one found in similar deckbuilding game, Ascension lets two to four players fight against each other in an intense race of 10 to 30 minutes.

There will be a primary pool of points; each player will have to battle to earn their points from this pool before it exhausts.
Ascension cards are divided into four different factions, each with their strengths and drawbacks. You can either combine the benefits of the cards in the same factions or create a synergic power from cards in different factions. There are a lot of combinations that can work out for your preferred playstyle. For more funs, please find out at Apk download market.

This distinguishing feature has found amazing support from die-hard fans of the card game which increases the popularity of Shadow Era over time.
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