hello everyone !

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hello everyone !

por Mary T. Williams » 30/10/2018 9:27

my name is wueang
I'm from China.
I see this forum pretty or people discuss a lot of things. But there is one thing that most people do not use English.
I only know English and Chinese are difficult or not. thank you.
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Re: hello everyone !

por lumusislight » 30/10/2018 11:03

Hello Wueang,

Glad to see you on the forum. If you need English practice, you may join the British council community or English learners forums like Naboomboo or the similar platforms mentioned on Quora https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-most ... ng-English https://www.writemyessayfast.org/ and https://www.englishclub.com/esl-forums/ ... .php?f=226. Or you may also find the teachers and tutors via Skype.
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